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Laundry Form



Please tick the boxes above for the product you want to receive laundry service for.


Tailor and dry cleaning service price is determined according to the service requested

-Items given before 09:00, will be delivered after 15:00 in same day.

-Items given after 09:00, will be delivered untill16:00 in nextday.

-We have %50 discount for kids clothes.

-Write the numbers of laundry in the section of 'piece'. If the numbers are not specified, the hotel counting is valid.  Our hotel is not responsible for any damages that may arise due to strong enough weaving and seams, unstable colors and prints, previous use, invisible defects, invisible situations. This is also the case when goods are plastic and metal rings, buttons, etc. as well as other accessories. If the necessary marking is not made and specified, our hotel does not accept any responsibility, especially for items made of pure silk, which are not suitable for cleaning.

-Our Hotel can not be held responsible for items left in clothes pockets. Complaints about insufficient ccleaning or damage to clothing items appearing in the laundry cleaning list must be made within 24 hours from delivery date of items. Items taken for cleaning are kept for a maximum of 1 month from the date of purchase.

Thank you! Your clothes will be taken from your room.

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