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Guest Satisfaction Survey

Dear guests,
Please rate us by participating in our survey. Your feedback is valuable to us.Thanks

Ercüment ALKANER

General Manager

Anadolu Hotels Didim Club

RECEPTION/ How were you greeted atthe reception?
RECEPTION/ Check-in & Information
RECEPTION/ Bell Boy Service
RECEPTION/ Friendliness of th staff
RECEPTION/ Language Knowledge?
GUEST RELATIONS/ How were you greeted at the Guest Relation's desk?
GUEST RELATIONS/ Friendliness of the staff?
GUEST RELATIONS/ Language Knowledge of the staff?
HOUSEKEEPING /Room Cleaning?
HOUSEKEEPING /General Areas Cleaning?
HOUSEKEEPING /Common Areas WC Cleanings?
HOUSEKEEPING / Friendliness of the staff?
KITCHEN / Tastes of Foods in Main Restaurant?
KITCHEN / Tastes of Foods in Snack Restaurants?
KITCHEN/ Tastes of Foods in A La Carte Restaurants?
KITCHEN / Friendliness of the staff?
RESTAURANTS & BARS / Services at the restaurants?
RESTAURANTS & BARS / Services at the Bars?
RESTAURANTS & BARS / Beverage Variety & Quality?
RESTAURANTS & BARS / Friendliness of Restaurant staff?
RESTAURANTS & BARS / Friendliness of Bar staff?
RESTAURANTS & BARS / Languade Knowledge?
ANIMATION/ Activities of Day Time?
ANIMATION/ Night Activities and Shows?
ANIMATION/ Mini-Club Activities?
ANIMATION/ Friendliness of the Staff?
ANIMATION / Languade Knowledge?
TECHNICAL SERVICE / Rapidity of Repairing?
TECHNICAL SERVICE / Garden and Ground Lightings?
TECHNICAL SERVICE / Cleaning of Pools?
TECHNICAL SERVICE/ Friendliness of the Staff?
GENERAL AREAS/ Hotel Landscape & Environment Viev?
GENERAL AREAS/ Fitness Center??
GENERAL AREAS/ SPA Center Services?
GENERAL AREAS/ Water Sports?
GENERAL AREAS/ Hair Dresser?
Would you like to visit our hotel again?
Would you recommend our Hotel?

Thanks for sharing your views with us. We are always trying to improve ourselves.

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