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As a hotel, we firmly believe that successful hospitality businesses and corporate responsibility are closely related for a sustainable development in tourism. We attach great importance to corporate sustainability in all our relations with our guests, employees, environment, local communities and all our stakeholders, and we ensure that sustainability is a part of everything we do.

In our operations;
- Aiming to minimize the impact on the environment,
- To protect the health and safety of our employees, guests and other stakeholders,
- Ensure open communication with all our stakeholders and employees on sustainability issues,
- Implement policies and set targets on sustainability related to environment, society, culture, economy, quality, human rights, health and safety
- Establish continuous and open communication with civil society organizations in our environment
- That we will purchase from organizations that attach importance to sustainability and ethical rules and that we will prefer such organizations as service providers when necessary, 
- To create a high-priority perspective of sustainability among all our employees
- Sharing our annual reports on our sustainability performance with all our stakeholders,
- Set improvement targets for our sustainability performance and review progress annually,
- To receive feedback from all our stakeholders, especially our guests, and to take corrective measures when necessary,
- We will monitor our sustainability goals, policies and actions, aiming to continuously improve and update them in line with changing needs, we are committed.

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