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Sustainable Tourism Questionnaire

Dear Participant,

The purpose of this survey is to receive and evaluate your views on the environmental awareness of our hotel. It will take you at most 5 minutes to fill out the questionnaire.

We would like you to know that this time you will spend will make an important contribution to both the environmental awareness of our hotel and the protection of our environment.

Ercüment ALKANER

General Manager

Anadolu Hotels Didim Club

Your gender?
Your age?
Your education status?
Do you think the number of boxes we have arranged for waste batteries in our hotel is sufficient?
How do you find our arrangements on sustainability in your room and bathroom?
When you arrive to our hotel, Do you think our information on the use of public transport is sufficient?
Do you think the number and locations of the different waste bins we have in the garden of our hotel are sufficient?
Evaluate your contribution to our sustainability journey during your stay. (towel and linen change, use of boucle material, energy saving, etc.)
What do you think about our "Sustainability Policies and Practices" in general?

Thanks for sharing your views with us. We are always trying to improve ourselves.

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